Endorsement for FlexiNail

Cheryl's left hand photo of improved nails

Cheryl’s left hand photo of improved nails

Friends, I just have to tell you about a product that measures up to every claim they’ve made and every claim their customers have made about their product.  It really works!  FlexiNail is an easy to apply, silky clear treatment that absorbs easily and doesn’t leave a greasy residue on your fingers or skin.  I just massage it into my cuticles and under the tips of my nails and any excess product I smooth down my fingers and it just disappears.

You’ve had to listen to my whining about my pathetic nails for two years, but this time it’ll be worth worth it, I promise!  My nails peeled like onions half-way down my nail bed.  They split, they tore; wearing nail polish was unthinkable because the surface nail would adhere to the polish and peel even worse and leave such a thin nail behind that any chemical would burn painfully.  I couldn’t even open our lip bubbles without scissors because the thin nails were so painful under pressure.  Gardening or any activity in which my hands got wet made the nails even worse.  Dirt would literally get trapped between the nail layers and I couldn’t get it out without deliberately peeling off the “outer layer” of the nail, creating even more damage.

Cheryl's right hand of improved nails

Cheryl’s right hand of improved nails

Enter online searching and the discovery of FlexiNail and my now lovely, flexible, single layered, strong, polish worthy and boy do I love them, nails. If I could sell this product to you, I would.   You can order a six month supply which is 3 vials of product and lasts longer than that and you’ll get a bit of a price break when you do.  I have Nailtiques and OPI nail hardeners and strengtheners in the studio and rate them both highly, but they were too drying for my damaged nails.  Now that my nails are so great, I like both of them for the clear shine finish I prefer and I think they do help healthy nails retain moisture.

Look past the wrinkledy fingers at these lovely new nails!  Thanks for letting me share!